19 Apr 2016

We Were At The 2016 FA&M Conference

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Celebrating 2016 Food Plant of the Year

Partnering with ONEsource Facility Solutions, SugarCreek’s new plant in Cambridge City, Indiana is bringing home much more than the bacon! Read the full story here!

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During the recent FA&M (Food Automation & Manufacturing) Conference in Sanibel Island, Florida,  Food Engineering presented the Food Plant of the Year award to ONEsource Facility Solutions and its client, SugarCreek, Cambridge City, Indiana.  Accepting the  Award are (reading from left), Tom Schurig, Vice President, Engineering & Technical Services, Sugar Creek; Cheryl Moultrie, Chairman, ONEsource Facility Solutions;  Robert Moultrie, ONEsource, and  Dan Sileo, Vice President, Manufacturing, Sugar Creek.


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