11 Feb 2016

SugarCreek Named 2016 Food Plant of the Year

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SugarCreek Named 2016 Food Plant of the Year


ATLANTA (February, 2016) – SugarCreek Packing Company has been named the 2016 Food Plant of the Year by Food Engineering Magazine.

Founded in 1966, SugarCreek is a Cincinnati based company with $600 million in annual sales and 1,700 employees in six locations nationwide. The company is committed to innovation and safety in the food industry and has raised the bar with the completion of its new food plant – a 435,000 square feet, $120 million facility – located on 49 acres in Cambridge City, Indiana.

This new award-winning, state of the art facility in Cambridge City, IN offers a wide variety of new, fully cooked, value-added products from beef to poultry to seafood. The plant processes include sous vide technology, battering and breading products, and flavor and tumbling raw meats. When fully optimized, the C-shaped designed facility will have the capacity to produce more than 2 million tons of product per year.  Investments in machine connectivity support Internet of Things technology and enhance the safety of both employees and food products.  The facility features advanced wastewater treatment and has achieved SQF Level 3 certification.

The Cambridge City plant is one of the most innovative, technologically advanced process and food safe facilities in North America.

The new facility is the cornerstone of SugarCreek’s product portfolio expansion and allows the company to be more future focused as a food innovation company.  SugarCreek’s  goal is to be a solutions based manufacturer, able to leverage its deep understanding of consumer trends and the food industry as a whole to co-develop products that meet the needs and desires of an ever changing consumer base.  The new facility, coupled with investment in some of the most capable product/process development talent in the industry, allows SugarCreek to offer a tremendous value proposition to those looking to partner with a company that can take concept to commercialization.  SugarCreek believes this will position the company well for the future as food companies look to their strategic partners to provide solutions around innovation and product development.

Much of the project’s success stems from the collaborative nature of its planning and implementation processes.  The Cambridge City plant was designed and constructed by ONEsource Facility Solutions, an Atlanta based Architecture, Engineering and Construction company,  utilizing the firm’s ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA).  OSCA allows for the integration of all members of the project team including the owner, Program Manager, Project Architect, Consultants and Trade contractors during both the planning and implementation phases of the project.  This unique approach allows for the seamless integration throughout the entire course of the project, and resulted in a completed facility that exceeded project goals.

More information regarding SugarCreek, their offerings and the Cambridge City, IN facility can be found on their website at www.sugarcreek.com

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