08 Oct 2012

Starbucks, Gardening, Awards & Green Roofs

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P.A.E.P.C. News
Week of October 1

P.A.E.P.C.: Planning. Architecture. Engineering. Procurement. Construction.
Our favorite stories from the week.

 1. Tiny, Portable, Local and LEED Certified Starbucks Store

photo via FastCo.DESIGN

Last week, we came across this article from FastCo.DESIGN, about the new breed of Starbucks stores. The company recently opened it’s first “modern modular” location in Colorado, and it’s a LEED certified walk-up or drive-thru only store. That’s right, no setting up shop to check email or use the free wi-fi. One of the biggest draws of this new breed of stores is the design, which was noted by the designer as “art.” What are your thoughts on this new design? I, for one, really like being able to set up shop at my local Starbucks, or taking the opportunity to spend Saturday morning on their patio with good conversation and a latte in hand, neither of which are options with the new concept.

2. Gardening…at Work.

In an article from The Globe and Mail, Jennifer Lewington details how employees at Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc. has put a garden at the companies headquarters for employees to harvest their summer vegetables. Employees tended four plots, and donated the harvest to a local food bank. That’s not the only company to make gardening at work an option. Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Canada also has a garden on company property. According to Chani Joseph, LEED specialist in sustainable communities for the Canada Green Building Council, “If you have these gardens in the workplace and you provide employees with the tools and the space, this will likely reduce their stress and create a more enjoyable and attractive environment.” Does your company have a garden?

3. World Building of the Year Winner

The World Architecture Festival was hosted in Singapore last week, and the Conservatories designed by by Wilkinson Eyre Architects at the Gardens by the Bay Singapore tropical garden were awarded the World Building of the Year prize. The greenhouses are very impressive. Take a peek at  photos here.

 4. Green Roofs

Ever wondered what exactly a “green roof” is? Check out this video from Building Green TV.

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