11 Jul 2013

Plumrose USA Named Sustainable Plant of the Year

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ATLANTA (July 2013) – Plumrose USA’s latest state-of-the-art meat slicing plant has been named Sustainable Plant of the Year by Food Engineering Magazine. Located in Council Bluffs, Ia., the 75 year old company opened this new, $78 million, 125,000 square foot, and highly sustainable LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver Certified, sliced lunch meat facility in October 2012 to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers. With $500 million in sales and 1,450 employees nationwide, Plumrose USA is recognized as the number one supplier of retail private brands in the United States for sliced lunch meats. The innovative design of the facility’s processes improves production planning and adds roughly 25 percent production capacity to Plumrose’s overall output.

The Sustainable Food Plant honor is awarded each summer to a plant that became fully operational in the previous calendar year, and produces processed food or beverage products designed for human consumption. Facilities are selected based on a range of judging criteria including sustainable building, design and site innovations, energy and water usage, innovation in equipment and technology, employee safety, comfort and health initiatives, community impact, and corporate sustainability mission statement implementation.

According to Food Engineering Magazine, elements contributing to Plumrose’s selection include the wastewater treatment system, LEED Silver Certification, and a multitude of sustainable technologies including high-efficiency motors, automated processes in areas potentially unsafe for workers, and completely hands-free welfare areas.

In the spring of 2013, Plumrose was awarded LEED Silver Certification due to its ability to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) requirements in multiple categories including sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation and design process. The USGBC ‘s LEED certification program is the national standard in the rating of green buildings. While LEED certification is not required to be named Sustainable Plant of the Year, it shows the depth of Plumrose’s commitment to the environment with every aspect of the new facility.

Much of this project’s success stems from the collaborative nature of it’s planning and implementation processes. The Council Bluffs, Ia. plant was designed and constructed with ONEsource Facility Solutions, an Atlanta-based architecture, engineering and construction company, under their ONEsource Collaborative Approach™ (OSCA), which utilizes an integrated approach to project delivery. The OSCA approach allowed for the integration of all members of the project team including the Owner, Program Manager, Project Architect, Consultants and Trade Contractors during both the planning and implementation phases of the project. This unique approach allowed for seamless integration throughout the entire course of the project, and resulted in a completed facility that exceeded many of the projects goals.

More information regarding Plumrose, their offerings and the Council Bluffs, Ia. facility can be found on their website at www.plumroseusa.com.


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