27 Aug 2012

Food Safety, Feeding Cattle Candy, & Wine Consumption

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P.A.E.P.C. News
Week of August 20

P.A.E.P.C.: Planning. Architecture. Engineering. Procurement. Construction.

1. Refrigeration and Food Safety

If you have ever been interested in learning more about the history and importance of refrigeration in food safety, then this is the place to learn. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a great fact sheet to help you brush up on you refrigeration knowledge, or at least get you started.

2. Farmer Replaces Animal Feed With…Candy?


3. How Back Office Efficiencies Sweeten the Bottom Line

In this article from Food Manufacturing, Werner Hopf, CEO of Dolphin gives the run-down of how the processes of the food and beverage industry can really promote to the success of the organization. Much of what he recommends is associated with being flexible and willing to reinvent processes to help the business as a whole.

 4. Wine Consumption on the Rise in the U.S.

According to this study by the Beverage Information Group, Americans are consuming more wine that ever before. I guess it’s a good thing, then, that the Midwest may be able to produce good wine this year as a result of the drought. If you have to find something positive out of the lack of rain, I guess good wine is a place to start.

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