20 Apr 2012

ONEsource Facility Solutions Offers Alternative to Traditional Design and Construction Models

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Atlanta (April 2012) – At a time when up to 60 percent of facility design and construction is performed under the design-bid-build process, and the majority of the other 40 percent constructed under design-build, ONEsource Facility Solutions, an Atlanta based leader in planning, architecture, engineering, procurement and construction offers a different approach.

When building a new facility, owners typically choose between two processes. The first, design-bid-build, is the traditional model, which requires a project owner to maintain separate contracts with the designer and the builder. Subsequently, the architect and construction company manage their own contracts with subcontractors and consultants. This model severely limits the flow of information between groups, and does not allow for the adaptation of technologies across the project.

The second approach, design-build, is becoming increasingly common for the design and construction of facilities. In this model, the architect and builder are represented as either a single company, or as a partnership, under a single contract with the contractor in control of the process.

Today, ONEsource Facility Solutions presents a new, unique and collaborative approach to integrated project delivery. Under the ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA), partnership-based relationships are promoted between the owner, and a single organization, which houses the architect, engineer and builder under one roof. By involving all project participants at the start of a project, potential risks are eliminated, and incentives are shared by all parties involved.

ONEsource Facility Solutions provides world class, professional services as planners, architects, engineers, procurement specialists and construction leaders for the food, beverage and supply chain industries. The company focuses on providing a unique, single source collaborative approach to integrated project delivery. With a team of professionals, ONEsource strives to provide high quality, low risk, accelerated, specialized and expertly controlled project delivery from start to finish with the utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. For more information, please visit www.ONEsourcefacilitysolutions.com.



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