31 Aug 2012

Labor Day, Going Carbon-Neutral, &
A Texas-Sized Frito Chili Pie

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P.A.E.P.C. News
Week of August 20

P.A.E.P.C.: Planning. Architecture. Engineering. Procurement. Construction.

1. What is Labor Day Anyway?

We all love Labor Day for it’s ability to grant us a day off work and time to cherish the last bit of summer sun and lake time, but what’s the real meaning behind it? This video from the History Channel gives a good look into what it’s all about.

2. Architecture 2030

Late last week, Pittsburgh became the third city to sign up for the 2030 Challenge, which involves making all new buildings and renovations carbon-neutral by the year 2030. So far, Seattle and Cleveland are the only other two cities in the U.S. to join the Challenge.

3. Fritos® 80th Anniversary

Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated, and Fritos® is taking “go big or go home” to a new level as they celebrate 80 years. At this years Texas State Fair, Fritos® will set out to create the world’s largest ever Frito Chili Pie. Want in on the action? Be in Dallas on October 1.

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