30 Jan 2014

IPPE and Snow Jam 2014

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What a week to have a tradeshow! As I’m sure you have seen on the news, Atlanta has been turned upside down this week. The stories just poured out from our own team, along with many friends and family members, about being stuck in cars for 7 hours, and abandoning vehicles and walking to get home.

Unfortunately, this majorly affected IPPE this week. Zach Norris, our Business Development Manager, was able to take MARTA and get to the show, but everyone else was just stuck. This weather affected the attendees as well. We imagine it’s probably has been tough to make it to any of our restaurant recommendations this week, but we hope you will visit our hometown again to check our some of our favorite places! For all of you unable to be at the show, here is a shot of our booth.

IPPE ONEsource Booth during Snow Jam 2014

If you were unable to make it to IPPE this week, but have questions for us, we would love to talk to you! Just call us at 770.437.7111 or email us here.

In Atlanta and needing a place to stay warm? Check out this list from AJC on winter storm resources in the area.

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