About Us

Who is ONEsource?

A wealth of talented Planners, Architects, Engineers, Procurement Specialists and Construction Professionals, who together make up the core of ONEsource Facility Solutions. We act as a single source for our clients, representing the best interests of owners and provide a full spectrum of integrated planning, design and construction services, backed by experienced multidisciplinary experts. Our goal is to achieve high quality, low risk, accelerated, specialized and expertly controlled project delivery from start to finish. The services that make up ONEsource are provided to clients as stand-alone services or bundled in any combination of services, based on the need of the client and their project.

 Our Mission

To provide world-class, professional services as Planners, Architects, Engineers, Procurement Specialists and Construction Leaders by leveraging our talents and resources with alliances and partnerships through our ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA) to integrated project delivery.

ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA)

OSCA utilizes an integrated approach to project delivery, which makes our firm unique in the market place today. Because our firm is organized around professional, in-house services, we truly understand the entire building process from beginning to end and the importance of each key player’s role and responsibilities. Our approach involves integrating all members of the project team including the Owner, Program Manager, Project Architect, Consultants and Trade Contractors during both the planning and implementation phases of the project.

ONEsource provides seamless integration throughout the entire course of your project, with all responsibility flowing through a single point. The strength of this single collaboration is the communication it allows between all members of the project team, resulting in a completed facility that often exceeds the projects goals in terms of schedules and budgets.

Current Clients