Congrats, Plumrose USA! Plumrose has been named 2013 Food Plant of the Year by Food Engineering Magazine. A well-deserved honor, and we are thrilled to have been their collaborative, ONEsource partner.
Congrats, Plumrose USA!
We know food & beverage. With a history rich in providing services for an array of food and beverage facilities, including red meat, poultry, wine, dairy, soft drinks and frozen foods, we are experts on all food processing and distribution projects.
We know food & beverage.
Collaboration is our mission. With our ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA), we serve as a single source for our clients offering a full range of integrated services. We involve all members of the project team at the very earliest stage to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.
Collaboration is our mission.
ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA) OSCA, along with Building Information Modeling technology (BIM), allows our project team to plan and implement your facility while managing the project from conception to completion. OSCA has an average time savings of 30 percent, which provides a faster return on investment.
ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA)
Our Services Our comprehensive services include planning, architecture, engineering, procurement and construction. When grouped together under OSCA, we can save you an average of 30% versus traditional Design-Bid-Build methods.
Our Services
Time and Money. We give you more of both. Our ONEsource Collaborative Approach (OSCA) results in an average of 30% time savings, which gets you into business faster, and puts more money in your pocket. You focus on the future of your business. We handle the rest.
Time and Money.